Badger Cross-Country is Open (Dec 25, 2005)



So far most storms rolling through Yosemite this year have been warm, with snow levels above 8000' which has been bad news for skiers (especially those of us with new skis in the attic).  However, the road is open to Badger Pass, the coverage is not too bad on Glacier Point Road, and the Cross-Country Ski School is open (they took a group out to the Glacier Point Ski Hut this morning).

Mostly the skiing is poor, but the skate-skiing is FAST!  I went out for a ski yesterday afternoon around 4:00, after things had started to firm back up, and this morning at about 8:30, before it got all soft.  My friend I was skiing with, who's less comfortable with fast, icy conditions found it pretty hard (in both senses!) and fell down a fair bit.  If you like to feel like you're flying on your skis, though, it's pretty good once you get past the bizillion footprints on the first half mile up the hill before Summit Meadow.

Badger Pass downhill area is pretty much ready to go.  If it ever snows, they should be open the follwing day. 

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