Killer Pillar Area



Quick Facts

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Approach Time: 

10 mins
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Descent Time: 

10 mins
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1 pitch
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Your rating: 3
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Steep, fun sport climbing/toproping with massive exposure.

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Killer Pillar has a handful of climbs ranging from 5.11b to 5.12c. All of these routes require that you rap in and climb back out. If you can't climb 5.11, you can't get back out without a fixed rope and some means of ascending it. The climbs are

  1. Fun Terminal, 12a, the area classic
  2. Wicked Gravity, 12c, next to Fun Terminal
  3. Bucket Brigade, 11d,
  4. Hundredth Monkey, 11b, the warmup, but still pretty steep.

1–3 are facing west and are numbered here from right to left. Number 4 is around on the east face. The climber in the picture at left is on Bucket Brigade.

Killer Pillar has a short approach and at least one side is sunny and one shady most of the time. It's a great place for a quick pump. I can usually run out from the car, set a fixed line, rap in, do a quick lap with a mini-traxion and get back to the car in under an hour.

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