Major Rock Fall in Curry Village



A small rockfall yesterday afternoon, October 7, damaged an unoccuppied tent cabin in Curry Village. This morning just before 7:00am, a major rockfall let loose from high on Glacier Point straight about the new employee housing area and swept down the old Ledge Trail into Curry Village, resulting a in few minor injuries. I saw a picture that Lee took, who works in Curry and was one of the first on scene. He had a shot of a huge boulder (maybe five feet tall) that came to rest just at the edge of a cabin. He said that people were running to get out of the way and he came across one boy who was yelling "I'm dieing!" Lee picked him up and he had a minor scratch on his head that was bleeding, but nothing more. Lee told him to quit crying and start running I guess.

A few tent cabins were smooshed and Lee said he helped someone out of a cabin that had collapsed. I also saw ranger Steve Yu who confirmed the rumor that there were only a few minor injuries (I think three people requiring medical attention, but none of them serious). I also ran into some folks who had run out of their tent cabins naked and were sitting around in clothes borrowed from employees. They had some minor scrapes they got from tripping while running. From what I heard, all injuries were from people tripping or whatnot during evacuation. I don' think anyone was actually injured by the rockfall, but it came awfully close.

That said, it was a scene in the Valley with ambulances and rangers and helicopters everywhere. I think they just scrambled everyone when they saw the size of the rockfall, and probably most weren't needed in the end. Not sure about that. Granite dust hung thick in the air and I think the air is probably still not all that healthy to breathe in Curry Village. Nice patterns as it streamed through the sun.

I sometimes think aobut hiking the Ledge Trail, but then something like this happens and it's clear why park service quit maintaining it. We've had enough near hits and near misses with falling rocks that we don't need to go courting it.


Ledge Trail

I make two to three huge trips to yosemite every summer. I often think about hiking the ledge trail. The rock slide will not divert my thoughts of someday hiking this trai.


I may hike it someday too, but my wife having come so close to losing her life from rock fall right in that area and recent events raining rock on the Ledge Trail... There are just so many other places to go. I prefer to wait until everything is frozen under snow and ski the Le Conte Gully.

It's like I would like to climb on Rixon's Pinnacle which has some of the nicest routes in Yosemite, but the rock is just to active there. I don't know. 1200 square miles in the park.

But I certainly wouldn't want to tell anyone else how to make that decision. I don't like the concept of places being off limits, but like the French attitude: huge warning signs in four languages, but if you still want to go, having been warned of the risks, nobody will stop you.

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