Memorial Day: Traffic, Snow and Hail


Cars on the road

As is typical on Memorial Day, Yosemite Valley is crowded beyond belief. Currently (2:00pm on Saturday) there are traffic jams near Bridal Veil, Sentinel Bridge and Ahwahnee Meadow. I expect that, as in most years, it will get much worse. Honestly, if you can come any other time, even July 4, do so. This is a wonderful time in the Valley, but this weekend is just such a hassle. The picture below is from Memorial Day Sunday in 2002. I don't expect the traffic to be that bad this year, because the Valley Roads are all open (finally!) but there will be some major traffic jams for sure.

One interesting thing, though, is that it was snowing above 5000 feet and hailing in the Valley today. It's quite beautiful with the clouds and all, but chilly!


memorial day yosemite 2007

In 2007 my husband and I stayed in curry village. We were pleasantly shocked when the memorial day traffic started and we decided to walk back to curry village and got off the bus.
The bus was going too slow for us in traffic. We got there quicker by walking past the sierra club
and housekeeping camp to get to curry. We met a lot of people on the way who were doing the same walking. We saw some people who had just stopped their cars along side the South Side Dr.
and set up their watermelon picnic with their family. I will never go again on Memorial day. But,
it was interesting to see more than usual Rangers directing traffic down by camp curry bridge.

Yeah, it's always fun on the

Yeah, it's always fun on the holidays. This year was no exception. We were having dinner with a friend and two rangers were tasked to bring salad. They called at one point to say they were stuck in traffic and even if they turned on the lights and sirens there was no way out of the jam. We had dinner without salad.

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