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I mentioned Marc Herremans' El Cap ascent last time. Marc came down on the second day. It was pretty crazy to see him start up, using no mechanical advantage, just doing chinups after chinup to pull himself up the rope. Unfortunately, his seat wasn't especially stable and with each chinup he would rock back and forth a bit. Since Marc has no use of his stomach muscles, this created some sort of problem. He woke up the next morning with some pretty serious swelling roughly around the area that divides his paralyzed and unparalyzed muscles. Seeing this, Glenn, one of the climbers on the team and a close friend of Marc's pushed for the team to turn around and they did. Marc is hoping to dial the system and return next year to give it another try.

As far as I know, there have been at least four parapalegics to ascend El Cap. Mark Wellman has done it a couple of times. Trooper Johnson was the second paraplegic to pull it off. Sean O'Neil climbed Space, to the right of the Nose, with his famous brother Timmy O'Neil. Beth Coats climbed El Cap with Steph Davis (first female ascent). If there are any I've left out, please leave a comment.


Contact Climbers Overseas.

Hey, great source.. I am interested in contacting paraplegic climbers who are/have climbing/climbed El Cap. Esp. Mark Wellman, Marc Herreman. If possible would you place me in contact with these climbers. I intend to climb El Cap next year and would love to discuss this with others who have done it. I am also a paraplegic climbing in Australia.
Kind regards,
Daniel. (Australia)

Good luck!

Hey Good luck Daniel. Keep us updated.

You can get in touch with Mark Wellman at

He has his contact info there.

You can get some additional info on Marc Herreman's site: Marc on El Cap and there is contact info there.

If you want more info, feel free to use the contact form on this site and drop me an email.

PS - get your hands on Marc Herreman's movie "To Walk Again". It is a beautiful movie.

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