In Memoriam: Todd Barstow



This is the saddest thing I've ever reported on Yosemite Explorer. I just learned Todd Barstow has finally succumbed to cancer. Just two months ago Todd was still living in Yosemite and active, working on the ambulance crew, golfing and getting ready for another season on the Badger Pass ski patrol, when he was told he had a particularly aggressive form of cancer.

Todd was one of our local ambulance drivers and always a caring, friendly compassionate professional to those in the park who were unfortunate enough to need his services. For those of us who knew him as a friend, he was similarly friendly and caring in his day-to-day activities.

We had hoped that Todd would be strong enough to visit with us this weekend when we went into the Bay Area for Thanksgiving, but unfortunately that was not to be. He'll be sorely missed in Yosemite.

At this time, I don't have any details about funeral arrangements or anything of that sort, but I'm just so sad I and wanted to let people know that we've lost a beloved member of our community.


I am sooooo deeply saddened

I am sooooo deeply saddened by the passing of Todd Barstow. I will miss him forever. Badger Pass and Yosemite as a whole will not be the same without him.

My Brother/My Best Friend

Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers. Todd touched so many people and had one of the biggest hearts of anyone I've ever known. He is my hero in so many ways and will be in my heart forever. I feel honored to have been (and will always be) his sister!

Todd Barstow

In the early 90's I dated a paramedic named Todd Barstow. He was the love of my life his parents lived in Walnut Creek. I knew him to be an avid runner and an incredibly compasionate person. When he took me to Yosemite I watched him save the life of a child who was left in a car with its head craked open and the parents wondering around drunk. He loved photography and had called his company Eagle Feather Photography. His Grandfather was an Indian Chief I think. I have looked for him since I made the mistake of my life of not doing what I should to keep him in my life. I would like to know if this was your brother that passed. I am sorry for your loss no matter. Reading this add makes me think it is the same Todd and I really like to know. I never really went on to find love after the Todd I knew because in my heart he was the one no one could compare to. I have some pictures to verify this I hope its not true but it would mean a lot to me and change my prayers to know. Please respond to me if you can.

Todd Barstow

Todd was a supervisor at ACME Western Ambulance in Oakland. I worked along side him. He lived in Concord and grew up in Walnut Creek. Todd was a good and decent human being. I am sorry to tell you that this is the person you are afraid it was. We all miss him.


This comes in today, so long

This comes in today, so long after the fact, but it's timely — I just renewed my CPR and the last time, Todd was the teacher. I told a story that Todd told and have been thinking of him these last days.

Todd Barstow's Memorial Service

Just wanted to let all of those who are interested know, that there will be a memorial service on Saturday December 8th, 2007 at 1:00 PM at the Ponderosa Basin Chapel in Mariposa California. All who knew and loved Todd are welcome to attend.

Lynn (Todd's Sister)

Cousin Todd

Todd was always a great guy. Growing up we would see each other at the family reunions and he was always the same friendly, really nice person. And Todd, I never did tell anyone what you did to the chicken coop at the farm when we were very young. That was always a little secret between us. I will miss not being able to to see you in the future as we grow older. Take care, your cousin Marty.

Sorry I haven't responded.

Sorry I haven't responded. I've been traveling and haven't had internet access. The memorial service was on the day we left and we had already booked our flight so we couldn't make it. I wish I had since it still doesn't seem quite real. It's going to take a while to not expect to see Todd up at Badger.

Missing Todd

[Todd's cousin Guy kept getting his posts blocked for some reason and asked me to post this]

Todd has been my closest cousin coming from a very large family. We have spent sooooooooooo much time together over the years. We have literally blanketed the trails in Yosemite over the years and had plans to cover new ground (this included a lot of bushwhacking). Todd has been a mentor and true hero to his two little girls he had limited time with. He took full advantage of the time he did have and tried to do everything he could with them including golfing, hiking, skiing, bicycling, and exploring. He really enjoyed the beach and always found time to take them there. Todd, his father Jim, Pastor Dave, and I have participated in the annual Lyons Club Yosemite Golf tournament and even won it a couple times. I would like to continue his legacy as Team Todd as us three alternate shots in his honor. Todd will never be forgotten and his demeanor will live forever.

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