Traffic Problems due to Highway 140 Closure (May 21, 2006)



This information has been superceded. For the latest information that I have and links on how to get better info yourself, see my Highway 140 updates.

With Highway 140 still closed, there has been a substantial increase in traffic on Highway 41. This has resulted in an increase in accidents between vehicles and between vehicles and wildlife, as well as complaints from other drivers. In order to stop the animal carnage, the Park Service has said that they will be increasing patrols and ticketing on Highway 41.

No doubt some of the bad behavior is because some drivers are so concerned with the scenery or so scared driving on mountain roads that they are slow and don't use pullouts. So if you want to make the roads safer, save wildlife and avoid getting tickets, you should do one of two things depending on which group you fall into:

  • Allow some extra time so you don't have to pass on the curves
  • Use your mirror and if you have traffic piling up behind you, get off the damned road!

In other words, a lot of the problems are caused by slow drivers in rental RVs who neither know how to drive the winding roads nor how to drive such a large vehicle. Quite often the people who find the roads in Yosemite difficult to drive in are too stressed to look in the mirror. If you find that you have to concentrate on the road so much that you can't monitor your mirror, then just simply use every pullout. If there's nobody behind you, you can get right back on the road.


Hi Tom & Theresa! what fun

Hi Tom & Theresa! what fun to find you all with a terrific site! I happend on this accidently and got to go over it all with pleasure....Love the pics of the handicap class, that son of mine gets around! In comment to this subject here....YEA!!! Please please use those turnouts!!! I cant say thanks enough to this one Tom, this little area of summer travel in the park makes me insane. (yea, worse than normal....)
Looking forward to reading more and am loving the Ellery lake ski sojourn ....oh that looks like fun!!! take care and keep me on your list. Sorry to all that I am off the subject at hand a bit! c c & c

As an employee of the park I

As an employee of the park I can't thank you enough for trying to get the word out. If you have someone riding your bumper or a line of cars piling up behind you, use a turn out. Also, don't stop in the middle of the road to take a picture, pull over where it is safe, then take all of the pictures in the world.

Why are we in such an all fired hurry? Because we want to get home to our families, our pets, our chores before we have to go to bed and do it all over again in the morning.

Thank You.

Of course, the mystery to me

Of course, the mystery to me is why all those people on vacation are in such a hurry. I don't mind if someone tailgates me if I'm the lead car, but the other day we were in a long train of cars and some guy is four feet off our bumper. My wife pulls over and he moves up to four feet off the bumper one car up. What an idiot. 37 miles later he was stopped at the same light as us in Oakhurst. What's the point!


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