Highway 140 and Glacier Point Road are OPEN (24 May 2006)



Glacier Point Road is now open which should relieve some congestion from the Valley over the Memorial Weekend. Not much to add there except that those who've been out there said there's only a couple of feet of snow in the deeper spots and lots of the area is snow free.

This information has been superceded. For the latest information that I have and links on how to get better info yourself, see my Highway 140 updates.

Highway 140 has one lane open and is open to alternating one-way traffic. That will likely make for some substantial delays, but Memorial Day weekend will be the big test (unless they get another lane open before then). This should mean that you can now drive to Hite Cove while the flower display is still good (I have no idea what it's like since I haven't been there in a month. If you have news, add a comment to this story or drop me a line.

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