Highway 140 Still Closed including access to Hite Cove (May 14, 2006)



This information has been superceded. For the latest information that I have and links on how to get better info yourself, see my Highway 140 updates.

If you haven't figured this out already, Highway 140 is closed from 3 miles east to 11.5 miles east of Briceburg due to a rock slide in the vicinity of Savage's Trading Post. This happened around May 2, then the road opened, then more slid and it closed again. According Ken Karst, to the media relations guy at Delaware North, Caltrans now have a plan in place to put reinforcing posts and cable netting up and hope to have the road reopened by Memorial Day.

This means that you can no longer access the Hite Cove trailhead, so your spring wildflower expeditions are currently on hold. We were going to Hite Cove about once a week since the flowers started coming out, but that's over for now. The other bummer for several of us is that there is a big murder trial in Mariposa and many Yosemite denizens were called for jury duty. With Hwy 140 closed, that meant a 2-hour drive from the Valley and 2:15 from El Portal each way. Fortunately, for one reason or another, I think everyone from Yosemite was kicked off the jury. Can't say I was disappointed.

For road updates, see the Caltrans Hwy 140 updates

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