Where Have All the Photos Gone?

You probably got here lokking for one of my "news" photo pages. The photos are all still here, but it used to be one piece of software served up the photos and one piece of software served up everything else, which made this site a major pain in the neck to maintain. So now all photos are in with the text they belong to and not segregated into separate albums. Since these don't always map one-to-one with the old pages and albums, you ended up here.

You have a few options:

  • Use the Search function and enter a semi-unique word or phrase.
  • Navigate to one of the subcategories. If you end up here, the page you're looking for probably ended up in one of the following places:

If you still can't find it, maybe it's in some bizarre place or didn't get transferred over. Let me know so I can make it findable again. In that case, just use the contact form and I'll do my best.