News Year's Rains (Jan 2, 2006)



A wild week of rain, snow, downed tress, closed roads and closed ski areas. Badger Pass ski area closed then opened then closed today as more trees fell across the road and crews were busy enough keeping the main highway open. Meanwhile roads flooded and the Merced river came close to overflowing its banks.

Over at Bridalveil Fall I tried to get some pictures from the talus field, but the wind was literally blowing the rain horizontally and I couldn't shelter my camera. The sky was about as dark as I've ever seen a noonday sky. Incredible. Flooding at the Ahwahnee, Arches Cascade raging. Quite a week.

Swinging Bridge was less than a foot above the water when I went by at 2:00pm on New Year's Eve, but unfortunately my camera was too fogged and waterlogged to take a picture.

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