Photos of the Highway 140 Rock Slide



This information has been superceded. For the latest information that I have and links on how to get better info yourself, see my Highway 140 updates.

I've gotten some pictures of the Highway 140 rock slide sent out by the DNC public relations people. I think these photos are supposed to be distributed (they say "print in color and post"). If anyone knows these pics to be copyrighted, let me know and I'll take them down or credit as need be. [udpate: They are by Dave Lombard, Mr Carotator, who gives his permission. Thanks Dave.

Formerly known as the Briceberg slide, it has officially been renamed the Ferguson Slide. As you can see, the road closure is not exactly ending soon. At this point CalTrans is planning a 2-3 month "watch" by geologists before they do anything at all. There are more agencies involved than one can count, but incident command is now under the Forest Service and there is an official website for the incident.


Thanks for identifying

Thanks for identifying yourself Dave. I knew DNC public relations didn't have a plane, so I was worried that someone might be upset. Glad to know who the photographer is and to have explicit permission. I'm so envious that you have a airplane and can fly all over our area. Sound great.

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