2008 Photo Contest Judges



I've rounded up a few judges to help me out with the first (and possibly last unless I win another voucher) Yosemite Explorer Photo Contest. Now I just need some submissions! I'm quite pleased with the folks who've agreed to help with the judging though.

QT "Tuan" Luong, of TerraGalleria.com, has been a friend for over 15 years now if I recall correctly. He is a professional photographer, specializing in travel and landscape photography. As a photographer, he is perhaps best known for his National Parks Project, in which he photographed all national parks in large format, both near the car and deep into the backcountry (a few weeks ago I hiked Mount Hoffman with Tuan and his 5x7 camera, which counts as near backcountry I suppose). I have always admired Tuan's eye for composition and I have had the occasion to be able to compare pictures taken by Tuan and another professional photographer (of our wedding actually) at the same instance and have been impressed at his "hit rate". Tuan first became "internet famous" for having what was, as far as I know, the first website to publish detailed information about rock climbing in Yosemite (and one of the first websites on Yosemite of any kind). That information has long since been superceded, but his website on large-format photography remains relevant on that subject.

Edie Byrnes-Howe is a local friend with an unbridled enthusiasm for photography and, finally, a website of her own (LittleRedTent.net) where she posts some of her latest favorite images, mostly of Yosemite and the surrounding region. She is also an active participant on Flickr with nearly 18,000 pictures uploaded. Edie has a great eye for quality photos and endless energy for looking at them. How did Edie end up in Yosemite? When Ansel Adams was 14, he came to Yosemite and took his first photographs. Later, he took a few more. Much later, Chris Loberg (another friend) saw those pictures and dropped out of photography school to come live in Yosemite. Edie saw Chris' photos and packed her bag and came to Yosemite. One might even guess that Adams' parents had been to Carleton Watkins' studio (which was destroyed when Ansel was only 4 years old) and that Watkins inspired them to go to Yosemite. So if you look at Edie's photos and it inspires you to come to Yosemite, it will all be Carleton Watkins' fault.

Loyd Schutte lives down the hill a bit (poor Loyd) and is also well-known to the local community for his site, YosemiteBlog.com. Loyd is a professional graphics artist and photographer, also specializing in nature and landscape photography (including, of course, Yosemite). Loyd runs a sort of ongoing non-contest photo contest where he posts a photo of the day (albeit not every day) on his site. Loyd's selection is typically excellent, so I thought he would make a good judge. He also has an active personal blog (where does he find the time?) for his musings on computer geek stuff. Photographer, graphics artist, Yosemite lover, hiker and geek. Substitute "historian" for graphics artist and it sounds like me (though I'm not really a photographer, just a snapshot capturer).

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