WideFetish.com: a website devoted to cracks 4" and bigger



Now I've pretty much quit climbing, but the one thing I really missed last year was not doing springtime get-in-shape laps on Generator Crack. I could live my whole life without doing Lunatic Fringe or Butterballs, but I do sort of miss Generator Crack and Reed's Left. So I'm sitting here during the snowstorm of the decade, or so they say, reading an article on Badass Mama and thinking, "I should really get out and climb again. There are really two possible reactions to an article on BAM: "Ick!" or "Umm!". If you call into the latter category or if you climb but don't know what any of that means, you definitely need to get on over to WideFetish.com.

What is it? You've heard of The Long Tail, the idea that the web makes publishing so easy that you can have interest groups that are narrower and narrower? Well here it is ladies and gentlemen. Rock climbing sites are passé. That's what they did back in the 1900s man. Even a crack climbing site would be so old school, so mainstream. No, we're going long long tail here with a website entirely devoted to climbing cracks four inches and wider.

I don't know how old the site is (the domain was registered on 25 October 2007, so it can't be that old), but it's got some great stuff on there like

  • The original Leavittation article from Mountain #106
  • Offwidth photo gallery
  • Offwidth video gallery, but I actually can't watch any of these because I refuse to let Quicktime take over my computer, but that's another story.
  • Forums. Yes forums, plural, because offwidth climbing is such a huge topic that you need several forums to cover a topic that enormous - beta, technique, general spraying

Anyway, you get the idea.

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