Ed Hughes: A Day Behind the Lens



This is not completely Yosemite News, but Ed Hughes, of A Day Behind the Lens has just self-published a book of 40 of his favorite photos, a good number of which are from Yosemite. You can see a 15-page preview from his site. I really admire Ed's wildlife photography and, though not Yosemite-related, you literally owe it to yourself to look at the sample to see the waving otter without the watermark (that link takes you to a watermarked version). Really, it's one of funniest wildlife pictures I've ever seen and it's got 100x more personality without the watermark. And his pouncing coyote is great - if I hadn't been shooting through a camera pressed up against a binocular, mine would have looked like that too. Sort of. OK, not really, but I like to think so.

Oh, and I saw that he mentions my site and Loyd's (yosemiteblog.com) in his sidebar. That's cool!

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