Hans and Yuji going for Nose Record.



The title pretty much says it. Yuji showed up on Sunday night and, after 3 hours sleep, he and Hans did a recon on the Nose. It took them 4:48, but they spent a fair bit of time just hanging out on ledges talking and resting. The next morning, Yuji said he had "so much hurt" all over his body and was surprised at how much fitness he had lost after focusing on bouldering the last couple of years.

Anyway, they are up there as I write this, trying to climbing in 3:00 to 3:30 in preparation for a full-speed attempt on Sunday.

We'll see how it goes. Hans seems to be back in pretty good shape, but Yuji is climbing with an injured finger and thinks he may need to go home and rest it for a while before he can really do the record (which currently stands at 2:45).

For all the updates, check out Hans' speedclimbing site and there's an article about it in the SF Chronicle.

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