Broadband for Yosemite Area Communities



For those of you who live in Yosemite West, El Portal or Foresta, our county supervisor Lee Stetson and some other folks with the county are conducting a survey to try to guage the level of interest in broadband service. You probably already know that somehow Yosemite Valley got wired for DSL. For a long time, SBC was trying to sell DSL to anyone in the 372 exchange. Many of us signed up only to learn that the antiquated pair-gain systems that run our local phone lines are incompatible with DSL and we ended up having to send our modems back and get refunded. Now supervisor Stetson is asking for input regarding our needs for broadband and for cell phone coverage, which personally I couldn't care less about, but I suspect many people would like to see that in our communities too.

Here's the announcement that I received on January 17 (except that I've changed the email addresses to make them less attractive to spam harvesters):

Interested in High Speed Internet service for El Portal, Foresta, Yosemite West? The county of Mariposa, in partnership with the Great Valley Center of Modesto, is conducting a survey to determine the need for high-speed internet and cell phone service for the area. If you are interested, please respond as soon as possible. We do need to demonstrate a high degree of interest in order to move the project forward.
The survey questions are as follows:

- Name
- Address
- Telephone
- Do you own a computer?
- Would you purchase affordable high-speed internet service?
- Do you have reliable cell phone service?
- Are you a home based business?

Please reply to Mariposa County Lee Stetson at the phone or e-mail below.
e-mail Lee Stetson phone 966-3222 or
Brian Grogan, Chair, El Portal Town Planning Advisory Committee
e-mail Brian Grogan (grogan at inreach dot com> phone 379-2802.

I'm not sure what the timeframe is for this.

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