Foggy Tree in Ahwahnee Meadow (Dec 8-14, 2005)



This is the same tree in Yosemite Valley that I fell out of while taking last week's photo of Half Dome above the Ahwanhee Meadow. This is only the following day, but the mood is quite different. "Phantomatique" the French would say. This can be a frustrating time in Yosemite as everyone spends half their time wishing the weather would do something else: storm so we can get out the skate skis or stay clear so we can keep hiking and rock climbing.  Nevertheless, it is one of the most visually exciting times of the year.  We were in a hurry the other day, but saw a friend and serious photographer setting up his tripod at Discovery View (Wawona Tunnel) and he later said he nabbed the best picture of Yosemite Valley that he had ever gotten.

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