Highway 140 and Tioga Pass update



This information has been superceded. For the latest information that I have and links on how to get better info yourself, see my Highway 140 updates.

The latest word is that Highway 140 will be closed from 8:00pm to 6:00am until CalTrans concludes their work. The National Park Service does not expect long delays into Yosemite except from 8:00am to 2:00pm on Friday, May 26.

Meanwhile, the Tioga Pass plowing crews were not able to plow Olmstead Point today due to avalanche risk. If there's a good freeze, they'll try it early the following morning. The Park Service anticipates opening the road as far as Yosemite Creek for Saturday (May 27, 2006 that is).

Back down in Yosemite Valley, traffic patterns will return to normal today which is a *good thing* - if you visited Yosemite in 2002 when traffic was redirected and the Valley was in grid lock for several hours, you'll know that this is good!

Sonora Pass (Hwy 108) is also expected to open today - probably a good chance to get a last few ski tours in if you didn't get enough of it this winter!

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