Leaves Turning in Yosemite, October 2006



The leaves are turning in Yosemite and the animals are trying to fatten up for winter. This busy squirrel was munching like a lawn-mower amongst the golden leaves of autumn. It was moving at hyperspeed, unlike the laconic squirrels of summer, bloated from the french fries that tourists feed them. In particular, this little guy seemed to be focused on the small buds on the plants. At higher elevations, autumn is in full swing, but in the Valley it's definitely not yet peaked.

I also saw what appeared to be a mother coyote and her two pups out hunting. They were doing their coyote thing of rocking back and then springing in an arc on the the critters in the grass. I particularly like the picture of the coyote running along next to the road and the sense of motion it has.


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