Rail Creek Ski Trail and Snow Storms, March 2006



A snowy week. Epic driving and a fun trip down Rail Creek with Erich and Benito in the fading light after work. For those who don't know it, Rail Creek is a trail, once popular and official, now a bit overgrown but still popular, that goes off the back side of Badger Pass to hook up with Rail Creek and come out on Highway 41, just a bit downhill of the creek itself.

I haven't totally verified this, but my understanding is that the Rail Creek Ski Trail was cut in the 1930s as part of Yosemite's bid to hold the 1932 Winter Olympics. I must say, it's inconceivable to a modern skier that a trail like Rail, very low angle, with long flat spots and an inconsistent pitch, could ever be considered for an FIS race, but I guess the concept of ski racing was different back then.

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