Wildflower Observations, 2012-05-27



Lots of stuff is starting to come up at higher elevations this week.

At the house, we got our first Five Spots and Wallflowers this week, 5/20-5.27.

Up on Sunnyside Bench on 5/25 I saw Death Camas and Seep Spring Monkeyflowers in the first seep, then Blue Gilia, Draperia and... one other of note, but I can't find my paper.

Out on the way to Killer Pillar on 5/27 I saw lots of Blue Dicks/Wild Hyacinth (Dichlostemma captitatum) and Live Forever, along with some Leichtlin Mariposa Lilly. Also went out to Ostrander and almost nothing was in bloom, except right at the beginning there were a few small yellow asters, perhaps Goldfields, but I was running so I didn't stop to look closely.

Still not seeing the normal big blooms of Shooting Stars in Summit Meadow and the meadow is looking exceptionally dry.

Starting to get interesting at the 5000 foot level and above!


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